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The easiest and fastest way to Take Action is through social media. Creating awareness is the first step and generating discussion within your sphere of influence is the heart of this engagement platform; this is the foundation for a lasting movement centered around cultural and institutional change.

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    • Share your voice on our Facebook and Twitter – that’s the whole point of Leaving the Life!

    • Tell us your story. Send an image. How does it speak to you?

  • Encourage friends to do the same – it means more coming from you.

Donate via Paypal, by check, or good ‘ole fashioned cash-money at our next event. Leaving the Life is a Blue Earth Sponsored Project. Your tax-deductible donation will be handled by Blue Earth and earmarked for Leaving the Life.

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Your donation pays for:

  • Supporting the ongoing administration of this program to include more partnerships with cities across the nation.   
  • Presenting captured data to you, the viewer, and to the policy makers who fund training, education, and legal reform. 
  • Developing a better online platform.
  • Integrating Harvis into the online platform.

If you’ve made it this far, then you are invested. You care enough about this issue to make some waves and here is where the real work begins. 

If you’re an everyday citizen:

  • Organize a home screening of The Long Night.

  • Email local city officials about our day-long convenings; tell them you want to be a part of the solution.

    • Not sure where to start? Search for the name of your city and "city council members."

If you work with a city or municipality:

  • Assemble policy makers, law enforcement, service providers, and concerned community members  to co-design solutions at a day-long convening of  Leaving the Life in your city.

  • Organize a community screening of The Long Night.