Our true heart and soul lies in day-long facilitated convenings of subject matter experts and everyday citizens. This is where we've witnessed a true shift in cultural and institutional norms.

We've seen our audiences respond very differently to the actions of the characters in our stories, sometimes voicing opposite opinions. Our work is to facilitate audience participation in co-designing solutions to these disparate views; at the end of the day, everyone leaves with new ideas and steps they can take to improve their community from within.

Using original reportage produced by Emmy-nominated multimedia journalist Tim Matsui, we're building short chapters about the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of children. While these chapters are themed, they remain authentic and journalistic, depicting an inherently flawed world unfolding before the camera.

As we produce the chapters, we're offering them as individual training/education/advocacy pieces ideal for the classroom, roll call, meetings or other functions. Viewed separately or together, the chapters are accompanied by crowd-sourced questions and by curriculum. 

Each chapter has a specific audience in mind, but is accessible for broad engagement. The chapters are meant to expose differing views and spark silo-breaking dialog.